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- DJ Siping. 17 year old filipino who's stuck in the netherlands. single, ♥ family ; bestfriend ; friends ; food ; clothing ; music ; photography ; chris brown ; tyga ; jackie boyz ; j cole ; wiz khalifa ; kid cudi ; kanye west ; drake ; lil wayne ; big sean ; the rangers ; the weeknd ; frank ocean
; dj kipraq ; chris brown ; kendrick lamar ; meek mill ; rick ross ; wale

oh yeah I forget, I love to DANCE! ♥
Member of D C Bounce

Ofcourse I only blog dope shit, and if you dont like the shit that I blog, then GTFO. I can't follow any people because of that 5000 rule.
Enjoy, and if you wanna know me, hit that ask!

Twitter ; @djaayye
Instagram ; @djaayy_

Im hers. She got me fallin jn love all over again. For the first time and I know that it feels right.  (bij Cloud 9)
A beer cause im cool. Holla 👌✌️👍🙏🙌😇🌟
Made for our brother, RIP Nathan Justice Parto 🙏.  (bij Heaven and Earth)
Today its official, 111213, the day that we accepted our love for each other AGAIN! Haha, got so much love for you girl that not even words or feelings can describe, its just something between you and I. Mahal kita baby, salamat sa lahat sa mundo ko. Ingat, yours truely, SORJAY! 💓🙏 #noImnotluckyImblessed ##YES! (bij Fumbled and Tumbled)
Pinoys stan up! Reppin’ the Philippines yo. Pinoy tayo, DIBA? Ingat x #pinoys (bij The Netherlands)
Not looking to my past, striving for a better and brighter future. #goodvibes #future #vans #ootd #thehundreds (bij Homebase)
Homebase (bij heart.)
Goodmorning beautiful people.  (bij Cole World’)
Keep smiling, its your best curve. Love u @soraayaaa  (bij heart.)
Check out my youtube channel: DJ Siping (bij Youtube)
Sit back an listen to my SoundCloud : @djaayy. Greetings by yours truely inspired. DJ Siping (bij SoundCloud)
From the dark into the light. I’ll fight my way back to the place where I belong. Alone, just like a ninja! WAAJAAAAHHH 👀🙊 (bij MOVES!)
Goodnight InstaWorld. #nuffsaid  (bij heart.)

Wrote a lil’ song cause some people inspired me to live my dreams, just keep believin that everything will be okay eventually. Love you all. @soraayaaa @joshuasetiadi @nerdykiddo @brianpuspos (bij heart.)

My family is back on track! Watch out! 👀👌✌️👍🌟