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- DJ Siping. 17 year old filipino who's stuck in the netherlands. single, ♥ family ; bestfriend ; friends ; food ; clothing ; music ; photography ; chris brown ; tyga ; jackie boyz ; j cole ; wiz khalifa ; kid cudi ; kanye west ; drake ; lil wayne ; big sean ; the rangers ; the weeknd ; frank ocean
; dj kipraq ; chris brown ; kendrick lamar ; meek mill ; rick ross ; wale

oh yeah I forget, I love to DANCE! ♥
Member of D C Bounce

Ofcourse I only blog dope shit, and if you dont like the shit that I blog, then GTFO. I can't follow any people because of that 5000 rule.
Enjoy, and if you wanna know me, hit that ask!

Twitter ; @djaayye
Instagram ; @djaayy_

Met de abe’s, true shit nigga ❤️💙
Outfit of the day, today is a family day. #blessed  (bij Everywhere)
Hmmm, boring friday.. Chocolate cravings! Xx (bij Homebase)
Wahlah heb pijn. Buld alles.  (bij osso)
Chillin alldayy errdayy’  (bij Cole World’)
Chillin’ with bro and the girls’ (bij Homebase)
One day You’ll see me again. Ingat #livingadream #notears #allowed (bij heart.)
I’ll be waiting’ 🔜🎧 (bij dreams and reality)

If u a scared motherfucker go to church HAHA. Sorry man, beetje hümor in mezelf. Deuces! #reality (bij WORLD)

Always smile, its your best curve ;) @xtamarakirsten @faaith96 @xmre_
Goodmorning my sunshine. Found that light! 🙏💙🙌 #loveyou  (bij heart.)
Off 2 church! X  (bij Church)
Started from the bottom now we here’ #reunited missed my family 🙏💙 (bij Homebase)
Together with the swaggerjagger sister nona’ thanks for all 🙏💙 follow her on tumblr! (bij heart.)
Still busy allday errday. #livethedream 💙📲 (bij heart.)